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New season, new you—that’s how the saying goes, right? OK, maybe not. But we love any good excuse to reinvent and reinvigorate ourselves. As winter starts fizzling out (hallelujah), you may be thinking about spring cleaning, aka the calendar marker for dumping, dusting, and downsizing the clutter in your home (and/or life).

Just don’t forget about your bag. You know, that heavy thing you carry around with you on the daily. After you’ve purged it of its gum wrappers and months-old receipts, consider this: downsize it! Because, let’s think about it, what do you really need to carry with you? Take a page from Decluttering Queen Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up ($11; amazon.com) and make room for only the important stuff. A mini bag that’s just tiny enough for all your necessities would surely encourage this lifestyle change—as there there would quite literally be no room for nonsense.

From color-blocked pastels to quirky ornaments, scroll through for 10 spring-forward, micro bags that’ll have you saying new season, new me.

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