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Having to choose between fashion and warmth is a winter wardrobe dilemma that plagues us every. single. morning. Dressing for below 30 degrees is hard enough as it is, but needing to look polished on top of it? Sometimes it’s just asking too much. For the lazy girl that sleeps in all of us, we came up with fashion formulas that prove fashion and warmth aren’t mutually exclusive.

We pieced together outfits that require minimal effort but lead to maximum results. Case in point: Style a knit with a colorful midi-length skirt and knee-high boots, and voilà, you’re Olivia Palermo (pictured, above). Or, throw on a sweater over a button-down shirt and trousers, and you’ve got yourself a winter office uniform. Play with different textures and color combinations for different looks, but the fundamentals should remain the same. Keep reading for five fail-safe, no-think outfit formulas to help you figure out what to wear to work in the winter.

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