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There are a lot of fun things happening with ‘80s inspiration in fashion right now. Suiting straight out of Working Girl at Tibi! Dynasty dresses by Attico! Essentially if you can think of a pop culture reference from 30 years ago, it’s probably present on the runway.

VIDEO: ‘Stranger Things’ Star Natalia Dyer On ’80s Trends

But what I’ve found most intriguing about this stylistic return to the ’80s is less about what stars wore on screen than the quiet undercurrent of Laura Ashley by-way-of Laura Ingalls florals that quietly permeated regular life.

A major theme at Resort 2018 shows like Emilia Wickstead, Creatures of Comfort, and Brock Collection (my favorite), those demurely feminine motifs were the white noise of my late 20th-century existence: soft pink buds on my best friend’s bedroom wallpaper, an overly ruffled number I wore on flower girl duty, the “dusty rose” valences my mother bought after remodeling the living room in various shades of mauve and taupe. It’s strange seeing such a quotidian theme from my childhood used in a high fashion way, but the results feel wonderfully modern.*

Ahead, 11 updated silhouettes that prove this old school trend has a super bright future.

*Gen. Z-ers, don’t worry if none of this makes sense. Just shop the pretty stuff below.

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