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There’s nothing like slipping on a polished, tailored suit to feel like you’re wearing armor. And if you think about it, they share a great deal of the same qualities, in that it creates a feeling of invincibility, it demands respect, and it readies you for battle (or power meetings—same thing!). But once temps reach somewhere in the 90s or even 100s, a full-on black suit looks off.

The summertime solution lies in shorts suit, a genius blazer-and-shorts combo that lets us keep our armor, office dress code permitting, without overheating. Worn together, the shorts suit has all the makings of a regular power suit, but with a truncated hem for maximum ventilation. See Elizabeth Olsen’s fresh Burberry shorts suit for proof (above). Better yet, separately, you have key elements for two different looks: shrug on the blazer over a slinky cami and a pleated midi skirt, or pair the shorts with a flirty blouse. 

And since it’s summer, you can bet that shorts suit offerings veer severely away from true black. From mint green to crisp white, shop seven #girlboss shorts suits to wear all summer long.

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