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In the battle to win the hearts, minds, and dollars of fashion insiders (and their notoriously short attention spans), Alessandro Michele of Gucci has found a worthy rival after seasons of standing solo in the spotlight—Demna Gvasalia, who, until his recent appointment as creative director of Balenciaga, was still relatively unknown in mainstream fashion. But on the streetwear scene, he had already made quite a name for himself in the last three years, with the launch of his and his brother Guram’s very buzzy Paris-based brand Vetements, which has not only earned the endorsement of Yeezus himself, but has become something of a status symbol of cool. 

But to say Vetements is a “hypebeast-esque, streetwear brand” doesn’t quite cut it. Gvasalia has carved out a new category that’s a little androgynous, that pushes the envelope in a way that piques the interest of even the most jaded editor (aka industry veterans who have seen it all—trends, both the original and the remakes), yet doesn’t fall back on the more-is-more maximalist approach. The Vetements girl (or boy or whatever) wears outsize silhouettes—comically large, intentionally disproportionate shirts, boxy outerwear, extra-long hoodies—that’s boldly unapologetic in its untailored tailoring, without compromising magnetism. 

Unfortunately for us, and so many others like us who are desperate for Vetements greatness, the goods run upwards of a thousand dollars each, which, to get the full look, totals to a heart attack-inducing, bankrupt-resulting amount. On the flip side, we’ve found a terrific fashion loophole: raiding the menswear section. It’s been pointed out that menswear on women comes with its fair share of problems when it comes to fit, but in the case of Vetements, that’s kind of the whole point. And so, we shopped out the men’s pieces for that natural oversized shape (all at a considerably more affordable price point, we might add), styled them with women’s, and—voilà—three Vetements-inspired looks that are worthy of the attention of street-style paps.

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