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OK, we know we have a problem. We can admit it: We drank the Vetements Kool-Aid. In our defense, the entire fashion industry and the most influential stars of the celebrity set have, too. Rihanna’s worn nearly every trending look that Demna Gvasalia has whipped up, from street-style’s most photographed floral dress to that one crazily disproportionate leather jacket to the provocative “Sexual Fantasies” sweatshirt set that, honestly, only she can pull off.

Kendall Jenner has also become a die-hard Demna fan, evident by how she picked up on the brand’s coolest, most effortless IDGAF fashion pairing from the fall runway: a denim jacket and a hoodie. It’s not the most novel concept, we’ll give you that, but with the rise in both athleisure and androgyny in fashion, oversized street-wear pieces are getting some major play from major players (ie. you). Throw on a hoodie (ideally slightly oversized with minimal frills) and finish with a denim jacket (slightly oversized as well). You probably own both, but on the off chance you don’t, we lent a helping hand and found you three of our favorite pairings that you can shop, below.

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