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No matter how busy we are, taking a few minutes for a proper lunch break is absolutely crucial for our health and well-being. While research agrees that we should really be taking a proper lunch break every day (oops!), it can be hard to fit in the time, leaving many of us to noshing at our desks.

You may be used to ordering in, but let’s be real: that gets expensive (and often unhealthy!) fast. And despite its reputation for being a “sad desk lunch,” we’re major proponents of a brown bag lunch. After all, when you’re packing your own lunch you know exactly what you’re getting—all while saving major moolah.

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Plus, carrying a lunch box as a grown up can be surprisingly chic… trust us.

If you don’t believe us, below are some seriously cute lunch boxes that will actually make you excited to bring your lunch to work. And bonus—many of these lunch boxes are super-affordable, so you’ll save money by ditching delivery and get a cute lunch tote in the process. Win!

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