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A black blazer. A white button-down. Tailored pants. Yawn. Workwear basics are essential, yes, but they’re also incredibly predictable—and boring. But Sali Christeson and Eleanor Turner are looking to change that and revolutionize the workwear game with the launch of their line from earlier this year: Argent. (Cue the celebratory dance for anyone who has to adhere to a dress code. Or anyone who works, really.)

Interestingly enough, it started when the co-founders went shopping for workwear, an experience that Turner deemed “mortifying.” “The sales associates don’t ask you what you do, they just hand you the nearest gray suit and expect it to work in every office environment,” she explains. For Christeson, whose experience spans different industries, from corporate (with a strict dress code) to tech (very laid-back), the problem, she realized, was the absence of an easy, streamlined one-stop-shop for office-friendly pieces that work for multiple environments (Argent has a style guide for that reason).

Turner, the designer of the two (her resume includes stints at J. Crew, Tory Burch, and Tommy Hilfiger), was tasked with whipping up designs that she calls “smarter work apparel—clothing that marries style and function.” She made sure to thoughtfully consider each piece and incorporate elements that served a purpose, like an inside pocket of a blazer or a jumpsuit that zips at the waist (yes, you heard that right: no more stripping in the stalls!).

“Work apparel is kind of a dirty word in fashion. You mention it, and people kind of fall asleep, but we’re trying to change that,” Turner says. “Things have to be disrupted and reinvented; there’s a renaissance moment happening with workwear—we’re trying to bring it back to life.”

Argent clothing is available at argentwork.com and—thanks to its partnership with WeWork, the company that provides shared workspaces—at pop-up shops across the country (right now, they’re currently in San Francisco). Scroll through to see (and shop) six of their favorite hero pieces from the line, below.

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