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When you spend as much time style-stalking celebrities as we do, you start to take note of a few of their fashion habits, like slicing cut-offs at an alarmingly short length during peak it’s-too-hot-to-care summer temps or throwing a bomber jacket over anything, including post-gym looks, at the first sign of cold weather. While too-short shorts might be something that doesn’t translate as well on regular humans, this badass bomber jacket-layering trick to cool-ify any outfit is one that we can definitely get behind.

And since it looks as though the utiltarian trend is in for another strong season, we’re not going to settle for just any bomber jacket—we have every intention to slip on the bombers that are personal faves of today’s squad of It girls, including Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kate Bosworth, and Olivia Palermo. We did some serious Internet sleuthing, gathered insider intel, and located the exact pieces that our famous friends love during their off-duty days. Arm yourself with your credit card and get ready to ‘add to cart’—just in time for transitional weather.

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